Donnerstag, 17. Dezember 2009

Bashtools 0.4.6 on the way

hi to all bashfriends and hackers out there,

bashtools 0.4.6 is pretty much finished. and will have a plenty of new features. but i am still stuck with bashtools. i need more ideas on how to get thinks better working. And of course how to make life with bash more easier. Any suggestion is helpfull.

in bashtools 0.4.6 there will be included as far as i can tell now:
+autoshutdown (new)
+backupdir (will be removed in future as this doesnt realy do anything usefull)
+brokenlinks (old)
+clearlogs (old)
+clearswap (improved)
+clearsys (new)
+extendswap (new)
+lockit (will be removed in future as this doesnt realy do anything usefull and also its a very messy script)
+logusers (will be replaced in future by sysprof)
+mksh (new)
+pinger (improved)
rpm-check (old)
unpackrpm (old)
wipefree (improved)
zipmore (improved can also handle zip and rar files now)

for those who hoped to get cleancheck in 0.4.6 check out the latest git. cleancheck is actualy the project i hack most on. but a full featured version is not yet in sight. so i will bring it in 0.4.8.

Future Releaseplan:
0.4.6 Release Planned for Feb 4th 2010
0.4.8 Release Planned somewhat in the latest august 2010 (yes and it will include cleancheck)
0.6.0 Release Planned at the end of 2010 (i want to have most used snippets be used like libraries. i hope this will work)
0.6.x future Release of 0.6 series
1.0 Planned someday in the future. Using dynamic C libraries with Python

But i could realy need some help. so if you interested in making life with bash easier than please contact me. propstmatthias (at) googlemail (dot) com

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