Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

Testing Gnome3

Hi guys and girls.

this time i tried out the upcomming gnome3 desktop for you. Gnome3 will be released if there is nothing standing in the way, in april 2011. First i was really sceptical about gnome3 relasing relatively soon after it was official annunced. You know, will it be the same fail as kde4 was. These kind of thoughts. But than i got really impressed. If you want to make the experience yourself, you are welcome to do so. Just download the iso here and get started.

Gnome3 did not just make a new release with all the new blinking and shining. They really did think about how to make a new dektop experience and how to design new interaction concepts and making things better and more userfriendly.

I would like to describe it this way: Think of a new way to organize and work with the desktop. The desktop no longer stands in the way when you want to work with applications. And applications no longer stands in the way when you want to organize your dektop.

When you click on the upper left side of the scren you can swith from running applications to organizing your desktop. In the activity panel you can now see what applications you are running. You can than move the windows across other virtual desktops which in gnome3 you are able to dynamicly add or remove by moving the mouse to the right side and clicking on the appearing plus or minus buttons.

You can also search for applications and start them right away or you click on the applications right next to the Windowbutton which leads you the gnome menu where you can as usual go through and select the application you
want to start. If you want to switch back to the applications just click of one of the application windows and you can continue working in with this program using a nearly fullsized window.

Your personal preferences can be set by cklicking on your user name on the top left side. you also will find your open chats and incomming messages. Surely this was adopted from ubuntu but has also greatly improved.

One last think to say. Setting up a personal desktop background is not working yet. You must install the xdg-user-dirs using

zypper in xdg-user-dirs

and Place the files in your ~/Pictures directory after logging the user out and in aagain. And sure there are still a lot of bugs and the preview should not be used in a productive environment but i hope most of them will be gone when the final version is out.