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Getting frozenbyte games to run in opensuse 12.2

For those of you who running opensuse 12.2 and have bought the humble frozenbyte bundle this is a short instruction how you are able to run these games.

(1) Install the game in $HOME/trine for example. You have to make sure that the installer is marked executable.  (In fact i will use trine here as my example for this short guide but it works for all other frozenbyte games as well.)

(2) After installing the game go to the destination folder and copy your lib32 folder to lib32_bak
and create a new lib32 folder using mkdir. Replace all libraries in lib32 folder with the one installed
by zypper/yast. Usually these libraries are found in /usr/lib/ and /lib according to FHS and LSB.

    a) If you cannot find a library try to install them natively with zypper and copy them from there
       original places into the lib32 directory.
    b) If  a library is called /usr/lib/ but in lib32
       is required just copy /usr/lib/ to lib32/ in the trine
       install folder.

Most of the addidional libraries can be found in the addidional opensuse repositories. Only,, and are leaved as original. These are the Nvidia PhysX libraries.   

Setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/bin:/lib/$HOME/trine/lib32" should also work but causes the game to crash. Also you may want to create symbolic links to these particular libraries instead  of copying them. But i didn't trie this out.

Trine does not save games by default. To get this working you must delete $HOME/.frozenbyte/trine/profile and replace this directory with the one you find in the games destination path which you have had chosen when you issued the installer.

When you start the game do not use the launcher. Just start the game by executing trine-bin32. If you need to make changes use the .frozenbyte/trine/configs/options.txt and configure this file.

To install the games globally i recommend you moving the game folder to /usr/local/games and create the following startscript in /usr/local/bin:


exit 0

For survivor you need a different script:

cd /usr/local/games/survivor

exit 0

I don't know why is that

If you want to debug more missing or failed libraries you can issue strace -o trace.log -f -e trace=open,read trine.

What works: Starting and Playing the game.
What does not work: Some Pictures are not rendered and therefore are not shown in sequences.

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